Hey, Im Karley~ you can check out just my art in my KAR-ART link down below...
Not much to say about me.. I love mostly everything.. minus earwigs... they're just gross.



the results of tiny painting request time on twitter!

Holy shit. I could like your stuff all goddmn day @becja ! Gimmie yo talents. Serious.

Ok sorry also another post of my night! Friends and i had a french themed dinner! It was magnifique!

First 2 are a before and after of making ratatouille. Yes i made it! It was amazing.

The next 2 are of me in my french attire. Haha im sorry. Also this was after all the food. Omfg. I am fat.

Lastly is the hosts new pup, Dany, she is so god damn cuuute! finally was able to get a decent pic of her!

Aaaand thats it. Now i die from cheese overdose.

Ok! Heres a mass update on sculptures that have been done/ made!

In order by pic ( as shown on my phone so if it changes. Oooops)

Vaporeon, glaceon, leafeon, a moogle(i added a book afyer this was taken), jolteon, flareon, luna and artemis painted, totoro family (Gonna be one piece wheb its all done) and happy from fairy tale!

Hope you like them!


I am testing them out as 1 inch ones but I am thinking of making these 1 1/4 or even 1 1/2 size… I have a potential  1- 1/4 but if any of you out there has a  1- 1/2 button maker Im more than ok with paying for the parts I use and shipping if you could make them for me and send them over before  may.


New sculptues! Toothless with a little luna and artemis! Woo!

Im trying out coloured sculpey, i have to say i am reallly liking it! (i also love this colour!) OAO

A music/art trade with a friend :D one of his many characters! Loved drawing this guy.Enjoy!

A music/art trade with a friend :D one of his many characters! Loved drawing this guy.


Who to Sculpt?

Hey folks!

I need your help with coming up with some iconic cute characters from our past! (Or from today!) TO SCULPT! WOO!

I wont have time to do a crazy amount but Im drawing a blank on what I could do that you people would love to see sculpt!

So far i have:

Kero (cardcaptor Sakura)
Luna and Artemis (Sailor Moon)
Maybe soot sprites

But I wanna know a few more!

Please dont get upset if I don’t choose your suggestion, its either that I just dont know how to do it or I dont have time. Thanks!

So what would you like to see?

MOAR Sculptures!

Finally finished the Venus and Jupiter Djinns from Golden Sun.

And the other is Cute Kirara from InuYasha :) its a commission so its not for sale!